Hi, I'm Sam! English. 17. In my spare time I doodle mindlessly and run a small YouTube comedy channel. I mostly reblog on here these days, but if you came for my work you can find the relevant posts via the tags below. Thanks for stopping by!
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Eddsworld Q&A!


Hey there! I asked y’all for some questions regarding Eddsworld and here are my answers.

1) Is the end really the end? - No spoilers, but they will be the final instalments of Eddsworld: Legacy which promised 5 main eddisodes and 5 shorts.

2) Who are the new animators? - Currently we have Anthony ‘Kreid’ Price, Sandra D. Rivas and (hopefully) Joshua ‘Zeurel’ Palmer on board. We’re always looking for more folk to help out though!

3) How long does the animation process take? - It’s pretty lengthy. Honestly the most time is spent by the non-animation team procrastinating and failing to get the audio to the animators. Some animators can turn over a minute in a week or less, some take a month or more. Everyone has different styles but they’re all awesome.

4) Which will come first, a new full episode or an Operation: Reboot one? - Probably full length new eddisodes. To reboot old eps we have to track down the original flash files somewhere on Edd’s old computer/hard drives, pull out all the voice acting and then hand it over to sound designers and composers to create higher quality (and copyright free) soundscapes. We also have to do that about 20 times, haha.

5) When Eddsworld comes to an end, would you still support fan made content? - We love the community and we always will. We’re really bad at showing support though… That was always Edd’s forté. We’ll try our best, dammit!

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Number 23 is such a fucking cool idea, it’s such a shame it never came to fruition. Enlightening stuff anyway!

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Hey again, hope all’s well with you guys. Since I’ve been inactive for a while, I decided to bundle a few simple Flipnote Studio animations I did over the past couple of weeks into one big post - some of these you may have seen before, others are new to the internet. Although I feel that I’m still a long way from animating anything substantial just yet, progress is going extremely well so far. I hope you’ll agree! :D

(More of my work can be found under the Sammycrow tag, or why not check out some of my previous art updates?)

Reblog because heugh. I’m workin’ on a few longer animations now with actual voice soundtracks and all anyway, should be exciting!